August 30, 2010

Fabulous Things Monday

Maybe there are people in the world who enjoy Mondays. But I don't know any of them.

So in an attempt to brighten your otherwise blah Monday, I am officially renaming this dreary day of the week to Fabulous Things Monday.

Fabulous Things Mondays will be filled with handmade jewelry and leather handbags from Etsy and others, delectable recipes from yours truly, the most beautiful in cookware and housewares and irresistible shoes and apparel.

There will be more goodies than your little hearts can handle. Because shopping for beautiful things makes everything better. :)

Aqua sea glass flower drop gold earrings. By tenthings

Staub La Cocotte cast iron cookware. I am usually partial to Le Creuset, but the color of these pots are so beautiful. I may have to have one. This turquoise color is sold exclusively at Anthropology.

I feel certain there will be a French Broad Chocolate Lounge in heaven. The best chocolate I have ever had and I sort of consider myself a connoisseur. :)

For all my lucky friends who have little girls and who I must vicariously live through, these are the most adorable little Mary Janes. By Gracious May

Fortunately, there are a few cute things for those of us who have been blessed with wild boys. I love little boys in Jon Jons and I love whales so this is a perfect match in my opinion.
Whale Jon Jon By Sha-Bebe


  1. I may have to avoid Fabulous things Monday as I just clicked on your link for the gracious may shoes and bought Margaret a pair! I might go broke on Mondays alone :)

  2. haha :) I knew you would love those! I'm so jealous. I wish I could buy a pair for Aubrey. hehe.

  3. Are we changing Aubrey's name to Wilson? Hmm, I like it. It fits.

    And I LOVE those earrings. Maybe you can buy them for me for Wilson's birthday. He can't be the only one getting presents.


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