July 17, 2011

a little bit of monday randomness

I've been a little slim on the posts the last 2 weeks. I guess I will blame it on the heat. Does summer make everyone else lazy too or is it just me? Honestly, I have really been enjoying some relaxing time with my family that I don't normally have and the computer just hasn't been my priority. I hope all of you are enjoying a little summer laziness as well.

Here's a little bit of randomness from our summer so far....

*1. The little man has discovered the magic of our steep driveway. He is totally amused with throwing any object he can find and watching it roll down. Usually he uses a ball, but he's found that strollers, ride-on toys and his push mower all roll down in an equally amusing way.

If for some reason he doesn't have a toy nearby, he picks holly berries off our holly bush and throws those down the driveway. Very resourceful - I'll give him that.

*2. His Grandmother gave him this bubble mower for Easter. It's definitely become one of his favorite toys. He likes to mow the grass just like Daddy.

*3. I've been sewing a lot. Mostly clothes for the little man. Aren't these applique tie shirts so fun?  I may have went a little overboard and made him 4 different ones. An almost 2 year old can never have too many tie shirts, right? :)

I made him this whale applique shirt too. I used blue linen from an old pair of my pants and this pattern from Jones Design Company. I love the way it turned out! (I made the little seersucker shorts too).

*4. Our garden is flourishing with all this rain we've had lately.

*5 And I have eggplants!! I am beyond excited as this is my first time to grow them and I love eggplant!

*6. I just finished reading this book. Which might be another reason I haven't been blogging as much. Instead of staying up till midnight on the Internet, I stay up till midnight with my nose in a book. It's a great book. If you grew up in the south or consider yourself to be a southern girl or have ever been to Charleston, SC and loved it, you will like this book.

*7. The little man has a new hobby of attempting to wear adult shoes. This morning I was washing dishes in the kitchen and I turned around to see him walking in a pair of orange, mens size 10 flip flops. This afternoon he decided to give my Hunter's a try. I can't help but laugh. The picture below is a little blurry, but I love it anyway.

 Life with a toddler is never dull :)

*8. Last and probably the most random. Peach Crisp is my favorite summer dessert. After making it twice in  the last 2 weeks (don't know why I didn't take any pictures), I've decided that it is best eaten cold, right from the fridge. I know everyone likes it hot, straight from the oven. But I'm telling you, give it a try cold. You couldn't possibly be disappointed.

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  1. I just bought another Pat Conroy book called "the lords of discipline" that has excellent reviews. Kyle would be impressed, it's actually a military story set on the base in Charleston during the time of integration. I'm already hooked! I'll give you a report at the end, but I'm already sure it will be great, maybe even a book that both of you will read.


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