September 23, 2010

The Nugget's Birthday Extravaganza - Part 1

The Nugget's party was a huge success! We had a great crowd, good food and the kids had a lot of fun! There are way too many pictures for one post so I will have to split them up.
Below are pictures of all the decor. Most I ordered from Etsy and a few things I made myself.
Cupcake & Candy Buffet
I love the way the grass cupcake wrappers and the animal cupcake toppers turned out. Made by two different Etsy sellers, but they complimented each other so well!

The Nugget's little cake. He wanted nothing to do with it. My little paleo baby :)
My sister commented that if I would have made it out of meat and spinach he would have loved it. She's probably right!

The front door sign. So cute! I may just hang it in his room permanently. At least until he's 16. :)

The stickers are from Etsy, but I cut out the little tags myself. These were for the goody bags.

Goody Bags

Photo banner I made. And all my wheat grass. If anyone wants a wheat grass plant I've got a few to spare.

More wheat grass.

His adorable little hat from Etsy. Of Course he refused to wear it.

Tissue Poms from Etsy. I am so glad I ordered these. They are still hanging in my kitchen. I love them so much I don't want to take them down.

The Daily Nugget

September 23, 2010
11 months - week 4

He's taking this new fireman thing pretty seriously. Yes, that's him standing on the seat of his truck attempting to pump the water hose....

September 22, 2010

The Daily Nugget

September 22, 2010
11 months - week 4

Daddy, your toothbrush is so much better than mine :)

P.S. Happy Birthday to my buddy, Margaret! Can't wait for your party on Saturday!
Love, Aubrey

September 21, 2010

The Daily Nugget

September 20, 2010
11 months - week 4

Ready to terrorize the neighborhood in his new fire truck....

September 20, 2010

Fabulous Things Monday

Sorry that Monday is almost over and I am just posting this. This has been a super crazy week. I went a little overboard on Aubrey's first birthday party and I'm still recovering. At least I have leftover Sangria to help :)
Anyway, on to the fabulousness. It's a short one, because I have a lot of sleep to catch up on.

B. Toys are some of the cutest I've come across in a while. If you're tired of all the primary colored stuff, you will love these. They use sage greens, burnt oranges and purples for these creative toys. They make everything from musical instruments to bath toys. Aunt Celeste gave the Nugget this drum for his birthday and he LOVES it! Definitely one of his favorites. I actually really like it too and have found myself playing with those shaka-shaka eggs probably more than an adult should.
Check them out and in the mean time, here's a few pics of the nug playing with his drum.....

Those are drum sticks in his hand, but he's moving them so fast you can't even tell

Those eggs I mentioned. They are sort of addicting...

September 15, 2010

The Daily Nugget

September 13, 2010
11 months - week 3

His first birthday card arrived in the mail today. It was from Tori. He loved it :)

September 13, 2010

Fabulous Things Monday

There are only two things I miss about the working (outside the home) world.
1. Eating lunch with Whitney everyday
2. Wearing nice clothes (and shoes). Really there is no point in nice clothes and shoes once you're a stay at home mom. I see the same Mom's every Monday morning at the grocery store and guess what we are all wearing? Workout clothes. I bet most of us are not wearing them because we just left the gym. It's just whats comfortable and easy to throw on.

But if I did have a nice office to go to and dress up for, here's what I'd be coveting today.....

All of today's fabulous shoes are available at Anthropology.

The Daily Nugget

September 10, 2010
11 months - week 3

Escaped during a diaper change......

September 10, 2010

The Daily Nugget

September 9, 2010
11 months - week 3

I need a fence.....or a leash. STAT!
Just this week, my little nugget has realized there is a world beyond the back patio and his sandbox and he is trying to make his escape every chance he gets!

Down the side yard.....
To the hose.....

To his umbrella.....
To the garden.....
Here mama, I picked some oregano for you....
What am I going to do once he can walk???
Kyle, I see fence building in your immediate future :)

September 08, 2010

Rule of Life #101

Never buy wrapping paper from the dollar store. Yes, that price tag may look tempting. But when you are three-quarters finished wrapping and the the paper tears six inches across the edge of the package and you have to start wrapping all over, it's really not worth it.
Lesson Learned.

The Daily Nugget

September 8, 2010
11 month - week 3

Today's obsession : the garden hose....

September 07, 2010

The Daily Nugget

September 7, 2010
11 months - week 3

Playing soccer in the kitchen......
Mmm....Mama this soccer ball tastes delicious.

September 06, 2010

The Daily Nugget

September 6, 2010
11 months - week 2

Parenting Lesson #1. Never say never.
Prior to becoming a parent, I said I wouldn't give my baby a pacifier. Some how, a year later, I am the proud parent of one extremely pacifier - obsessed baby (otherwise known as the nugget). :)

4 pacifiers at once! He can hardly contain his excitement!
Even behind the pacifier, you can see his mischievous grin :)

The excitement is uncontrollable!
*sorry for the poor quality pictures. they were taken with the iphone*

Happy Labor Day

I hope everyone had a fun, restful weekend! We stayed at home and enjoyed this beautiful weather and watched lots of football!

Long weekends always call for indulging in delicious food and this weekend was no exception. Saturday I made these Bacon, Egg and Toast cups from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food. They were easy and scrumptious! You should try them!

Bacon, Egg and Toast cups - ready for the oven
Just out of the oven

Ready to eat, with coffee and grits!

The Daily Nugget

September 5, 2010
11 months - week 2

The Nugget's first taste of bacon! Like a good Paleo baby should, he devoured it and then demanded seconds....and thirds :)

September 03, 2010

The Daily Nugget

September 3, 2010
11 months - week 3

Hanging at Yogurt Lab with Mom and one of my CFR girlfriends, Miss Jackie.
Don't be jealous that I've been chatting with hot babes all day :)

September 02, 2010

The Daily Nugget

September 2, 2010
11 months - week 2

Playing peek-a-boo under his umbrella....

Halloween Is On the Way

Well, I've made it to Thursday. Barely. It's been an interesting week.

First, a colony of ants decided to invade our kitchen and living room. Battling insects is tricky once you have an 11 month who crawls around everywhere and puts everything in their mouth. You can't just rely on the ol' trusty, toxic stuff like before.

Second, the Nug decided that he didn't like a 7 pm bedtime anymore and that staying up until 10 and fussing the whole time would be more fun. Then he also decided that waking up at 5 am was be a lot more fun than sleeping until 6:30. This has been super pleasant for Mom and Dad. Do they accept babies at the sleep clinic these days?

But, the show must go on. So on to better news! I think I may have felt some cooler weather these last two mornings. And you know what that means?! Fall is coming and that means Halloween is coming! I think I may have mentioned before I that I'm a big fan of Halloween. Especially the decorating. The new Pottery Barn Kids catalog arrived in my mailbox this week and they have the cutest Halloween decor! If I could, I would order it all! But I can't so here are some of my favorites....

I love it. I really, really want it. I'm hoping it goes on sale after the holiday and I can buy it for next year.

This is so fun and looks like something you could make yourself. So I might give it a whirl! I'll just have to figure out a replacement to the appliqued letters. I'll report back if I find some spare time to attempt this. The boo letters are really cute too and I know I could make those myself!
Tons of cute ones, reasonable prices and free shipping! It doesn't get much better than that. I especially love the little bat and the owl.
Ok, signing off. Gotta go kill some more ants :)