September 23, 2010

The Nugget's Birthday Extravaganza - Part 1

The Nugget's party was a huge success! We had a great crowd, good food and the kids had a lot of fun! There are way too many pictures for one post so I will have to split them up.
Below are pictures of all the decor. Most I ordered from Etsy and a few things I made myself.
Cupcake & Candy Buffet
I love the way the grass cupcake wrappers and the animal cupcake toppers turned out. Made by two different Etsy sellers, but they complimented each other so well!

The Nugget's little cake. He wanted nothing to do with it. My little paleo baby :)
My sister commented that if I would have made it out of meat and spinach he would have loved it. She's probably right!

The front door sign. So cute! I may just hang it in his room permanently. At least until he's 16. :)

The stickers are from Etsy, but I cut out the little tags myself. These were for the goody bags.

Goody Bags

Photo banner I made. And all my wheat grass. If anyone wants a wheat grass plant I've got a few to spare.

More wheat grass.

His adorable little hat from Etsy. Of Course he refused to wear it.

Tissue Poms from Etsy. I am so glad I ordered these. They are still hanging in my kitchen. I love them so much I don't want to take them down.


  1. such a precious party! I'm so glad we could be a part of it!

  2. I loved the pom poms too. Keep em!


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