September 14, 2011

a good life wednesday farmhouse table

I was trying to wait to show you my table until all the chairs were ready too. But every time I talk to my Annie Sloan stockist, the new paint color I'm waiting on keeps getting delayed further and further. At this point, I'm not holding my breath to have it before the end of the month. And I just didn't want to wait any longer to show you the new farmhouse table.

So here it is.

If you missed my previous posts, the husband built it for me.
I painted it white, of course.

The chairs are all mismatched ones that I have picked up thrifting here and there.

They will all be white too. Eventually. Whenever the new Annie Sloan paints arrive.

Can't decide about this green chippy one though. This is the way I found it and I really love the green and the white and the chippyness. I keep thinking maybe I should find another chair for my table and keep this one the way it is and use it somewhere else. What do you think?

All the linens on my table are really just fabric scraps that I cut to make a runner, napkins and ties.

I love to use cut herbs in my vases along with or instead of flowers.That long, purple flower is Mexican Sage, from my garden. I love when it blooms. The petals feel like velvet.

Rosemary, pincushion & cosmos

Hope you enjoyed seeing the new table. Can't wait to get my chairs painted so I can show them to you too!

In the name of tablescaping, I'm now going to attempt to drink 4 glasses of berry-infused seltzer water. It's too pretty to waste. :)

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  1. Gorgeous, I love the spot, love your tablescape with the herbs and the berries!

  2. i love your table with the mismatched chairs! stopping by from a beach cottage.

  3. Love it, and love what you've done with the jars!!

  4. This looks gorgeous! P.s although this comment will make sense to no-one but you... If I had another son I would definately call him Aubrey. It is indeed a gorgeous name xx Ava

  5. Love it. Great job to you and Kyle! The table setting is just adorable. You always have such a cute cutting garden.

    P.S. I think your dishes fit in perfect with this new style you've embraced. :)


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