September 02, 2010

Halloween Is On the Way

Well, I've made it to Thursday. Barely. It's been an interesting week.

First, a colony of ants decided to invade our kitchen and living room. Battling insects is tricky once you have an 11 month who crawls around everywhere and puts everything in their mouth. You can't just rely on the ol' trusty, toxic stuff like before.

Second, the Nug decided that he didn't like a 7 pm bedtime anymore and that staying up until 10 and fussing the whole time would be more fun. Then he also decided that waking up at 5 am was be a lot more fun than sleeping until 6:30. This has been super pleasant for Mom and Dad. Do they accept babies at the sleep clinic these days?

But, the show must go on. So on to better news! I think I may have felt some cooler weather these last two mornings. And you know what that means?! Fall is coming and that means Halloween is coming! I think I may have mentioned before I that I'm a big fan of Halloween. Especially the decorating. The new Pottery Barn Kids catalog arrived in my mailbox this week and they have the cutest Halloween decor! If I could, I would order it all! But I can't so here are some of my favorites....

I love it. I really, really want it. I'm hoping it goes on sale after the holiday and I can buy it for next year.

This is so fun and looks like something you could make yourself. So I might give it a whirl! I'll just have to figure out a replacement to the appliqued letters. I'll report back if I find some spare time to attempt this. The boo letters are really cute too and I know I could make those myself!
Tons of cute ones, reasonable prices and free shipping! It doesn't get much better than that. I especially love the little bat and the owl.
Ok, signing off. Gotta go kill some more ants :)

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