December 15, 2011

a christmas crafternoon

Last week we had a day of unsually beautiful, warm weather for December. I decided a little outdoor Christmas crafternoon was in order.

I found these little clay Christmas ornaments at Hobby Lobby and I knew the Grandparents would love a handpainted gift from the little man.

He went to town painting right away and loved every minute of it.

And I loved watching him explore and play in the paint.

He was having so much that when he ran out of ornaments he requested paper so he could keep painting.

I think I have created a little bit of an obsession. He now asks to paint on a daily basis.

Which works out perfect because months ago I bought him this Christmas gift at Ikea.

Can't wait for him to see it on Christmas morning!


1 comment:

  1. hello, Alima,

    thats so sweet...:O)

    very cute

    Greatings send you Conny


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