December 13, 2011

a simple $7 DIY Christmas skirt

I've been meaning to make a tree skirt for about 3 years now. But every year Christmas comes and goes and I run out of time. Probably because the skirts I always want to make are elaborate and time consuming.
So this year I was smarter. I knew I was short on time so I decided to go simple, quick and budget friendly.
I'm pretty happy with the results. So here's how I made my $7 tree skirt.

I bought an inexpensive 70" round tablecloth at Target for $7.
I folded it into quarters and cut a quarter of a circle out of the fabric to fit over the tree stand.

Then I made one straight cut down the back side. At this point, you could hem the edge of the circle and the back slit or you could leave a raw edge. Totally up to you.

Next I cut 2" strips for my ruffles. I used canvas drop cloth because I love the nubby, slightly rustic texture and I have a ton of it around my house. I cut 4  50" pieces (about 200" total). I like to cut several smaller pieces rather than one long strip because I think it's quicker to ruffle that way. Again totally up to you.

If you have a ruffler foot for your machine then you are lucky and I am jealous of you.
If you don't than you can do it by hand pretty easily. Just sew a long straight stitch (using the longest stitch your machine allows) down one side of your fabric strips. Then pull the bottom thread as you slide and gather the fabric. Continue pulling the string and gathering the fabric until you get the ruffley look you like!


Next pin your ruffle to the skirt. I decided to pin the drop cloth ruffle around the very edge. Then I ruffled a little red and white stripe ribbon and pinned it about 1 inch above the drop cloth ruffle. Once pinned, just sew a simple straight stitch to secure the ruffle to the skirt. Add as many ruffles as you like.

If you cut 4 separate fabric strips or ribbon pieces like I did, just overlap them a little and the pin to secure. You can barely see the overlap. I promise no one will even notice!

And there you go!

A simple, affordable Christmas tree skirt.

If you make one, I would love to see it!


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  1. Beautiful skirt! If I could sew I'd make one just like it! I just love it! All your wrapping paper is so cute too!

  2. Thanks Lisa! You could make one without a sewing machine if you wanted to give it a try! All you need is a needle and thread to make your ruffles. You would just sew a long basting stitch by hand. And then you could easily hot glue the ruffles to your skirt! I LOVE a good hot glue craft project!

  3. divine my lovely friend...if i hadn't had to pack up my sewing machine this week- i'd be whipping one of these up...

    next year- i'm going to save this!

    it is perfectly perfect! love the red of course CF gal....

    Melissa xx

  4. Very nice idea about using an inexpensive round tablecloth as the starter to a tree skirt! I'll have to swipe that idea ;-)

    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Visiting from Homestories A to Z linky party,
    Smiles, Suzanne in NW Illinois
    Happy Holidays!

  5. your tree skirt is adorable! i love it!

  6. I love this! So cute and at a great price! I'm featuring it this Friday on my site. I hope you'll stop by and take a look!
    Scissors & Spatulas


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