June 06, 2011

half way there...

Saturday night I finished the arms and the seat of my slipcover. I feel like I am finally getting some momentum going and hope to have it all finished in a few days!
So here's the progress pics and some tips on the arms and seat for those of you attempting your own slips!

The seam between the arm and the back rest is probably the hardest part of a slipcover for me. I find it very hard to pin in those deep crevices.

I don't have any great tips as I am still experimenting and learning how to do this. But I like to drape my fabric over the arm and then push the two pieces of fabric that will be meeting into the crevice.

Then I sort of pinch the fabric in the crevice and then pull it out (so I can see what I am doing) and pin it. To double check I push it back in the crevice to see if the pin is in the right place.
I usually reposition each of the pins for this seam about 5 times before I decide it's not getting any better. I hope I'm not the only one!

The easier part (for me anyway) is when you are not having to reach inside a crevice to pin. I like when you can just follow the lines of your couch with the pins like in the picture below, with the back portion of the arm.

Here is the side of one finished arm.

Here is the view from the back

Now that I have the arms, I can start adding the seat.

This is a straight line so it would be super easy to pin if it weren't for that darn seat crevice. So I decided to pin a little above the crevice. I'm a rebel like that. Plus, I figure the cushions are going to be covering it so it doesn't really matter if my seam isn't exactly in the right place. Oh, and because I hate pinning in a crevice. Have I mentioned that?


Now I just have to put on  the front of the arms (with piping), the skirt and cover the cushions! Shouldn't be too much longer!

If you have questions, let me know. I'll try to help the best I can!


  1. Oh Alima, I'm fan of your corage and craftiness. I wish I had half the courage - I dared with a chair in the office and end desesperate and ruined a lot of fabric and that was it.
    I bow to you.

  2. aww, thanks Teresa :) I have ruined fabric in the past on projects so I know how that feels. It happens, but don't give up! It just takes practice. Believe me, this slipcover is far from perfect, but I am OK with that. It will still make my ugly brown couch look much better! :)

  3. Wow! I'm so impressed! I have a chair/ottoman that i want to make a slip cover for. will you come help me when you're done since you'll be such an expert! :) I never responded to your comment a while back and I'm ashamed that I'm just getting around to cleaning out emails and doing that. But, the Walmart that i bought fabric at is in Moody, AL. I know most of the Walmarts stopped carrying fabric, but our didn't!!!
    xo, cat


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