July 25, 2011

blueberry pickin'

Friday we went on a family trip to a u-pick blueberry farm. We had so much fun!

This was the set up when we arrived and it was totally based on the honesty policy. You hardly ever see that anymore and I loved it!

Aubrey went for the buckets right away, but didn't have a lot of interest in actually picking the berries.

Until he realized he could eat them and then he was all about it!

It was hot (even at 8:30 am) but the sky was a beautiful blue and we really couldn't have asked for nicer weather.

After his belly was full, he went back to playing with the buckets.

We picked a full gallon. Kyle and I both said if it had just been the two of us we would have stayed and picked two or three gallons. But the little man was getting restless. Still, a gallon of bluberries is a lot!

I definitely see a blueberry pie in our very near future!

The husband will probably kill me for posting this picture, but I couldn't help myself.

And a video of the little man...

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  1. Awww...so cute..love your post! Those blueberry looks so awesome! Your little one is so adorable! Thanks for sharing:)
    Friend, I would love to see you on my blog:)

  2. oh my gosh alima- how cute is aubrey!!!!!

    that video is gorgeous!!

    "empty bucket- full tummy", just lovely!

    don't you just love the honour system...the good old days of our grandparents!!

    and i love hearing a blog friends voice- esp an american one!

    thanks for your lovely thoughts about my father-in-law whilst i've been away...

    melissa xxx

  3. I love the pics and the video of Aubrey! He's so funny, just like his grampa eating all the berries and not saving any!
    What did you end up making?


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