July 11, 2011

florida vacation - part 1

We spent the last week in Florida visiting my family, playing in the sun, enjoying the beach, eating lots of delicious food and relaxing! It was so nice.
I think I will be editing our vacation photos for the next month though. I took so many. Here are a few. I had trouble narrowing them down, so a few is probably an understatement. Here they are!

Looks more like North Carolina, than Florida huh? My parents did this amazing patio renovation and they built this waterfall. Nothing better than that noise of rushing water while you relax in a lounge chair and soak up some sun.

The little man loved the new patio and spent most of his waking moments out there.

He's in that stage where he wants to move everything and put it somewhere else. Everything has it's place, in his mind. This day, the place was his baby pool.

He piled everything in the pool, including rocks from  the waterfall and his mini adirondack and then sat down to enjoy his work. As you can tell, he was very proud of himself. He makes me laugh.

When I was pregnant with the little man, I dreamt of babies with blond curls and blue eyes. Sometimes dreams do come true ;)

My brother-in-law and sister went crabbing while we were home. They brought all the crabs to my parents house and shared their feast with us. Apparently the little man LOVES crab. We were all a little shocked when he practically attacked Kyle, stole a soft shell crab right from his hands and devoured it. I wish I had a picture, but I happened to be shopping at Ikea when it all when down.
I did get one of the fam enjoying steamed crabs later that evening.

My Grandmother lives just one street behind my parents and she has a great pool. We spent lots of time there. The little man loves the pool. This was his first experience with swimmies.

He also enjoyed eating Cheerios, poolside.

Love the little legs dangling in the water.

The little man, leaving the pool and dressed in his lobster tie shirt for the 4th of July festivities.

That's all for the first half of our vaca. I had to split it in to 2 posts. Too many pictures! I'll be back with the rest soon!
Hope you all are having a wonderful summer and enjoying a few relaxing vacations too!

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