October 15, 2011

a little applique for baby k

I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow for my friend Mara.
I've mentioned her before here in a post about her gender neutral nursery that I am helping with. They will not know if sweet baby k is a boy or a girl until he/she arrives in December. I love the colors she picked for the nursery so I decided to applique a onesie and a bib in the same colors.

Appliqueing is really pretty easy. Don't be intimidated into thinking you need some sort of fancy machine. I just use some wonder under and my regular sewing machine.

First I found a font I liked and printed it off in the size I wanted.
Once you iron the wonder under to your fabric you just trace your letter (or animal or shape) and cut it out.

Then you're ready to sew! I just use my standard zig zag stitch. You can play around with the width and length of the zig zag on a scrap until you get the look you like.

For this piece I zig zagged the rectangular piece first and then the "k"

Super simple and it only takes 30 minutes to an hour.
Plus it's always so nice to give a handmade gift!

Writing this post got me wondering, are appliques popular for kids everywhere or this just a southern thing?

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  1. hello sweet-

    i adore this- love the colours, the font...the gorgeous thoughts behind it...

    Melissa xxx

    PS- just realised that i didn't have you on my blog side bar- have fixed this up quick smart!!


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