October 24, 2011

a little craft - halloween style

In honor of Halloween week, I thought I would share this fun little craft that I did with the little man.
It was his first experience with paint and I was a little nervous, but he did great and had a blast!

I can't claim this cute idea. I found it on pinterest, of course. How did we ever survive without pinterest?!

Anyway, it was very simple and perfect for a toddler.
Just get your paper ready, paint their foot white and stamp it on.
(I used cheap craft paint and it came off the skin easily)

Once they dried I glued googly eyes and used some stamps to write "boo" and the date.
We wrote a fun message inside and mailed them to the Grandparents - they loved them of course!

Wanna know my tip for super easy stamp clean up? Baby wipes! 

Hope you are having lovely fall weather and are getting ready for the Halloween weekend!


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