November 09, 2011

happy fall y'all

It's been fall for many of you for quite some time now, but here in the south the temps don't really start to cool off until after Halloween. Even now, the mid day temps are in the high 70's/low 80's. However, our mornings and evenings are cool enough that the tree leaves are changing to beautiful reds and oranges. And if you leave the house during the cooler hours, you have a good excuse to throw on a fun scarf. So I am officially saying happy fall! 

A few pictures of what fall looks like around here:

how pretty is that tree?!

colorful leaves, cords and long sleeve rugby shirts

my mom and the little man at a local state park

family pics in front of pretty, red trees.  (oh and my favorite scarves!)

walking in piles of leaves

fall tablescapes (more on this one coming later in the week)

turkey crafting (because what is fall without a good turkey craft)?!

What does fall look like where you live?

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1 comment:

  1. Morning sweet!

    How glorious is fall when it does hit you though!!

    That tree- your beautiful family portrait- (your husband looks so lovely and gentle!)...and some crafting for good measure...

    You know what I'm doing in Autumn- I'm looking forward to your table scaping- love the wee little pumpkins!

    Happy Wednesday coastal farmgal...M xx


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