August 28, 2010

Meet My Nugget

Here he is. The 23 pounds that my world completely revolves around. Sweet little meat, huh? He's actually not so little anymore, but you know what I mean.

After the Nug was born last year in September, I started sending a daily email with his picture. It was mainly for my family who lives far away and goes weeks and months without seeing him in person.

Of course, Daddy loved it too. There was nothing better to him than opening his email mid-day at work and seeing his little boy. I never really anticipated sending out those emails for this long, but the list of fans kept growing. My sister has friends at school in Atlanta who ask to see The Daily Nugget on a regular basis. My mom constantly shows them off to people at work and forwards them to her entire email address book. My old co-workers love them and so do old friends that I rarely see these days.

Plus I love looking back over the daily pictures. It has become an amazing way to keep track of his growth and all his milestones.

So, 11 months after the first Daily Nugget was sent, I am so glad that I started those daily emails. And I think this blog will be a fun addition!

Below is the first picture from "The Daily Nugget"

The caption from the email reads:
You are receiving this daily newsletter to update you on your little Nugget, Aubrey.
September, 29, 2009.
5 days old.
Chillin' in my rocker.


  1. This is great! He is one cute little nugget!

  2. You know I can never get enough Nugget!

  3. Thanks for inviting us to your blog! I can't get over the cute title, ha! He's SO sweet. We'll definitely be following along.

  4. Nugget
    Don't be giving out too much info to these fans. Have their people call your people


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