March 17, 2011

mail time

Does everyone else love the part of the day when the mail arrives or is it just me? I'm always excited to see what little gifts await me in the mailbox. Maybe the new Anthropologie catolog, maybe an unexpected letter or package, maybe a wedding or baby shower invitation.

Today I was surprised to see only two pieces of mail (that's rare!), but they were both fun and unexpected.

The first was a hand written letter from Lands End Canvas thanking me for my recent order. I definitely didn't expect that from a large company like Lands End. I was impressed.

I was equally impressed with the super cute and majorily discounted bathing suits I received from them several days earlier.

Navy with white dot skirtini $12 for both pieces. Yep, thats right. $12 total.

Navy stripe with kelly green trim bikini. Another $12 bargain.

The second and even more exciting item in my mailbox was a small package from Lisa Leonard Designs. If you've never seen her handmade jewelry you should take a peak and if you've never read her blog you should check that out too. One of my absolute favorite blogs. Seriously!

I ordered two pieces from her (unfortunately neither were for me). The pewter heart wall hanging for a friend who is getting married next month.

And the family tree necklace for my mom. Both are so beautiful in person. My instagram pictures do not do them justice.

Not a great picture. I should take another one, but I already packaged it back up in it's cute little box. Check the website. I promise it's amazing!

Anyone else ordered from Lands End Canvas? Anyone else so ready for summer that they are already swimsuit shopping? Any other Lisa Leonard lovers out there?

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