March 17, 2011

Take Two

So I've tried this blogging thing in the past and it's never really worked for me. Well, with a wild toddler, running a busy business, trying to keep this house somewhat respectable and keep hot meals on the table it's no wonder I run out of time and blogging goes to the bottom of the priority list. But you know what they say....try, try, try again. I really do enjoy blogging and I'm in the middle of redesigning my living room so I've been working on lots of fun DIY projects that I would really like to document and share.

So here goes nothin'. Take Two. I hope I don't disappoint!
P.S. Just as a little sneak preview of things to come, here is one of my recent DIY projects. A lampshade that I recovered myself. LOVE that paisley fabric. You can also see the picture gallery that I recently hung and a chalkboard that I made in the background.

sorry for the poor quality iPhone pic!

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  1. just saw your comment and no, don't worry, I've written comments on blogs a lot longer than that. :) and yes, wherever you leave a comment (if you use your blogger account), that person can click on your profile and go back to your blog! :) So glad we "met". Keep up the blogging, sista!


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