May 15, 2011

a weekend of thrifting and fun

So I told you on Friday that I had a fun Saturday of thrifting planned with one of my girlfriends. I think I also mentioned that I would be back with pictures on Monday. Well, I sorta lied about that last part. Totally forgot to take pictures of our adventures. How did I forget? I have no idea. I usually take pictures of everything! I definitely get the "worst blogger in the world" award for that mistake.

But I will give you a recap anyway, sans photos. Our plan was to mostly hit up antique and thrift stores, but we made a quick stop at Anthro first because it's my favorite and I had a gift card to spend. I came away with 4 of these mini latte cups (in white).

I also had my eye on this bag and contemplated buying it, but I didn't. Now I haven't been able to stop thinking about it so I'm wondering if that means I should go back and buy it? What do you think?

I love nautical, stripes and grey and I love the red lining inside with tiny white polka dots.

After Anthro, we drove all over town and hit up quite a few antique malls and The Salvation Army. I saw some cute things which I really wish I had some pictures of to show you (sorry!), but I didn't buy anything. I was looking for a few specific things for my living room and just didn't see the perfect piece. But, we had a blast anyway. And it was so much fun for me to have a little break from being mom and have some girl time!

After shopping and standing all day, we decided to stop and get a pedicure. It was much needed and my feet look so much better now! And finally, as I was sitting in the pedicure chair waiting on my pink toes to dry I remembered about the pictures! So here's one of my freshly pedicured feet! Ha!

(From the Iphone so the color looks a little weird - sorry!)

And last, but not least (and totally unrelated to my weekend). I just saw that Screaming Meme is having an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint give-away! If you are like everyone else in blogland you are either in love with chalk paint already or dying to try it! Either way you should get in on this one. If you enter, please let her know that I sent you!

Hope everyone has a great week! Oh and do you think I should go back for that bag? I want your opinion!

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