May 03, 2011

making your own cutting garden

I love having fresh flowers in the house. When we bought our first home I dreamed of making a large cutting garden so I could have fresh flowers all spring and summer.

After living in our house for two years and dealing with this dessert of a common area behind our house that the HOA refused to take care of, I decided I would take care of it myself. So every spring for the past three years, I cultivate that area into my own personal cutting garden.

It's very easy and very inexpensive and you will have fresh flowers to bring in your home for months and months.

It doesn't have to be a fancy raised bed like the picture from Memphis Garden Club. You can easily plant your cutting garden in any spot you want. Even a desert wasteland common area behind your house. But if you plant in a desert wasteland like me I advise adding a little fresh garden soil to the dirt. The space I use is about 12 feet long by 2 feet wide. You can make yours any size you like.

Seed packets are super cheap (anywhere from 20 cents to $1 a packet). I bought about 20 packets in a big variety. My favorites are zinnias, sunflowers and cosmos for cutting and bringing inside, but I plant lots of others like marigolds and morning glorys to add color and texture to the garden itself.

I love opening the packets and inspecting the seeds. Each variety is a different size and shape and color. And I am always in awe that just from throwing a little seed in a pile of dirt you get this beautiful flower creation. It's like magic! :)

So next you just sprinkle the seeds throughout the area you chose. I like to mix my varieties together, but I also think it looks pretty when you plant separate sections for each flower. Then I just sprinkle a thin (like 1/2") layer of dirt on top of all the seeds. And water lightly. You should keep the seeds moist by watering everyday. And in just a few days you should start to see little green sprouts coming up everywhere! At this point, if I notice any bare areas that did not get enough seeds I will fill in with more seeds and just push them down into the dirt a little with my finger.

In about a month I should have flowers blooming everywhere! I will be sure you share pictures.

I'm linking this one up with Sarah from A Beach Cottage for Good Life Wednesday.

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