May 10, 2011

playing with clay

These clay tags are a fun, easy project. All you really need is a few cookie cutters and air dry modeling clay. If you've worked with clay before you can most likely go at this on your own without instructions. I had never worked with clay so I downloaded a little tutorial from my favorite blogger, Sarah from A Beach Cottage.

The next several photos I took with my iPhone instagram app during the process so I apologize for their poor quality. On a side note: I love the convenience of that app for shooting and sharing pictures quickly.

I had fun shopping for cookie cutters but didn't have any luck finding the right size circle. So I used the lid from an empty spice jar for my circles. It actually worked pretty well.

I would love to buy an alphabet stamping set like this one so i could stamp fun words or names on them!

The clay takes a while to air dry and I am not the most patient.

But it was worth the wait!

I think they turned out really cute!

I'm still on the hunt for fun cookie cutter shapes so if you have a good resource I'd love to know.

P.S. Those pretty daisies were free - I picked them off the side of the road :)
P.P.S Here is a direct link to Sarah's tutorial. And check out her blog while you're over there. Seriously, my favorite of all time.

And of course, I had to link this post up for Sarah's Good Life Wednesday!


  1. Ooh these are super cute. I found you via A Beach Cottage :)

  2. I love your clay tags. They are adorable. Your daisies are so, so cute in those jars! I love the picture with the 3 of them lined up.

  3. Love the tags!!!Hi, Im Meme from Screaming Meme...I want to personally invite you to come visit my blog and sign up for my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Giveaway! I hope to see you there! Now, I am off to read some of your lovely blog!

  4. cute tags, you make it look so easy
    nice to have fresh flowers about the house


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