June 14, 2011

coffee bags

Latley, I've been obsessed with grain sacks, coffee sacks, burlap sacks and the like. Saturday we took the weekly trip to our favorite local coffee shop, Primavera. They roast all their own coffee right in their store.

There are always stacks of coffee bags, full of beans ready to be roasted. But this was the first trip that I saw empty bags. They were just sitting in a stack on the shelf.

  I asked Brett (the owner) how much he was selling them for. When he told me they were free, it took everything I had not to jump up and down in excitement. So I dug through the stack and picked this one.

My first thought was to make a pillow, but the fabric is a little rough and sheds a lot. So now I am thinking I might turn it into some wall art.

I'll keep you posted!
Oh, and if you're in the Birmingham area check out Primavera Coffee Roasters. You'll never go back to charbucks again.
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  1. I hear you!!

    How did you not smuggle the lot into your bag- or at least give it to the hubster to smuggle out!!

    Can't wait to see what you do!

    Melissa x

  2. I just got a bag full at an Estate Sale and I love them, but you're right they are rough. I wanted to maybe cut one and make a table cloth for my outdoor table.......but then how do I clean it!??

    Oh the burlap, gain sack dilemma!!! ha

  3. Well done on your coffee sack.Love your blog ! I'm your newest follower from Australia xx Ava

  4. Jane - good question on the cleaning. I have no idea. I would think the shedding in the washing machine would be out of control!!

    Ava - I am so excited to have an Australian follower! I am dying to get to Australia one of these days! I have a good friend who is going next week - I am so jealous of her!

  5. Alima :) Hope you do come , and that Australia turns it's best on for your friend,. Thanks for dropping by my blog ,hope to see you again xx Ava

  6. I have that coffee sack from Hawaii that I've been debating about since January too! I was thinking (maybe this is lame) to do a pillow with it and have a decorative side that is the coffee sack, and a back side of soft fabric that would be for lounging. That way you could just turn it around if you needed to use it.
    But I'm open to your idea about framing it too!

  7. C - I definitely think you could do that! I would have done that with mine had it been woven a little tighter. But it's very loosely woven and sheds a ton! I think I would have burlap pieces everywhere! Brett had some other coffee sacks that were different (softer and more tightly woven), but another customer heard him tell me they were free and grabbed them before I got back over there! I am going to try to get another one next time he has some.


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