June 21, 2011

a little bookshelf and a chalk paint review

If you haven't heard the buzz about chalk paint by now you have either been living under a rock the last couple of months or you just don't read enough design blogs. ;)

Either way you should check this stuff out! No sanding, no priming, sticks to any surface, leaves an amazing matte-looking finish. Perfect for vintage-y, french inspired pieces.

I've been dying to try out my chalk paint since the minute I bought it 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately I didn't have any vintage, french inspired pieces lying around that needed paint. I did, however, have an Expedit bookshelf from Ikea in black-brown (their creative name for the color, not mine).

I bought it several years ago, when I was in a dark furniture phase and the husband needed some more book storage (history nerd). What was I thinking?! (About buying this bookshelf, not marrying a history nerd. He's pretty great, despite his history nerdiness).

via Ikea

Anyway, its fit all  the specifications for a chalk paint makeover. Laminate surface that I am too lazy to prime or sand, dark color needing an update, etc, etc. So I went with it.

And here's what I got.....

 I wish I would have taken some pictures during the painting process, but it was night time and dark and they probably wouldn't have turned out very well.

Overall, I really like the chalk paint. They are definitely right. No sanding or priming required. This paint stuck amazingly well to this cheap laminate with no problem at all. Very impressive. It is a little different to work with. A little thick as far as paint goes, but once I started dipping my brush in a tiny bit of water that helped a lot. It dries to a beautiful matte finish just like they say. They recommend that you wax chalk paint to protect the finish (instead of using poly). I haven't waxed it yet, but I'm excited to try.

I did a little re-decorating after I painted it to try and make it less "book-heavy." (I wish I had a before picture - it was ALL books and hideous! I would love to stack some of my vases or glass bowls in  there to break up the books, but putting anything breakable at that level is not a good idea when you have a wild toddler running around.

The only non-breakables I could find to use were a few wooden bowls. I filled one with some various spools of twine and another with some linen napkins. I couldn't even finish snapping the pictures before he was grabbing twine and napkins!
See what I mean?!

Have you chalk painted anything lately? I would love to hear your thoughts and/or suggestions!

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  1. the shelves look great. chalk board sounds like a great idea. stopping by from a beach cottage.
    cheryl x

  2. hi alima!

    what a perfect time to meet up properly-over chalk paint!
    i haven't tried it-but would love to...& you are the first person who has explained to me properly what it covers and how flippin easy it is!!
    i love what you have done with that ikea shelving...luckily the kiddos chose white for all their rooms when we moved to england & bought them replacements for everything we have in storage in australia!!
    i have plenty other old lovely finds that need some serious whiting!

    thanks new friend!
    Melissa- Miss Sew & So

  3. Fantastic! Who doesn't have at least one of these pieces?

    I am obsessed with chalkboards and old windows right now for my chalkpaint.

  4. Chalk paint covers laminate !!!! Now I am converted xx Ava ( still loving your blog )

  5. Yes it does Ava!! Can you guys buy it in Australia?

  6. Love the bookcase. Now let me show my husband and see if he'll give me permission to refinish his too!
    The Nug cracks me up. How was he while you were painting? Paint must look amazingly fun and full of mischief when you're 20 months old!

  7. C - I wouldn't dare paint with the Nug around!! That would be a disaster! I do it once he's in bed for the night! :)


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