June 26, 2011

leg dilemma - i need your opinion!

Do you remember my first slipcover I made? Remember those cute little wooden legs I found when I ripped the original old skirt off the chair?

Well I still love the legs, but the color was starting to bother me. I felt like the brown was too dark and heavy for the light paisley print. I found myself staring at them all the time wondering if I should paint them or possibly add a longer skirt to my chair or maybe just leave them alone?

So a few nights ago I grabbed my chalk paint and went to painting to see if I could improve them. But I'm still not sure. {Sorry about the pictures. It was night time so I had to use my flash. The white isn't quite that bright in real life}

So I need your help! What do you  think? Do you like the white? Should I sand the white off and go back to dark? Or neither? Is it maybe that there is too much leg showing and I need to add more skirt to my slipcover? I would love to know your thoughts!!


  1. If the white is bothering you why not distress them and see if that works or maybe a cream color

  2. Thanks Lauren! The color is actually much more cream than it looks in the picture (It's Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Old White).
    Distressing them has definitely crossed my mind several times. I'm just having a hard time picturing how it will look with that fabric so I'm nervous to make the attempt! I made ending up going that route though!

  3. Hi, I LOVE the white legs with that fabric. I have to agree that the darker wood was a bit glaring and a definite eye grabber (in the wrong way). And if it is a creamier white than what is showing in the pics, I imagine it's even nicer! If you are asking me... I'd leave it as is. ;-)


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