August 18, 2011

a farmhouse table update

The building phase of my farmhouse table is complete! yay!

Major props to the husband for this one. It is majorly hot where we live right now and we really don't have the proper tools and equipment to take on a project like this. Never the less, he happily obliged and never complained about it once.

Speaking of not having the proper tools, we definitely didn't have the tools needed to make the turned legs I was wanting. I knew this from  the beginning and thought I would just purchase the legs pre-made. I searched online and at my local hardware stores and just couldn't find what I wanted. And then I stumbled across these at Lowe's.

Yep, fence posts. I really liked the chunkiness and the curves and I knew they would work.
They were 45" long though and I needed 28" legs. Unfortunately for the husband, Lowe's cutting machine won't fit lumber this chunky so off to work he went with his hand saw.
I felt bad for him out there sawing all these by hand. And of course the wood didn't want to cut evenly so he ended up having to even some of the cuts up with a hammer and a chisel.

Guess who wanted to be right in on the action?
As if hand sawing through chunky fence posts in 100 degree heat wasn't enough work, he had to do it with a little monkey climbing on his back. A cute monkey, at least. ;)

The little man loved every minute of being out there with his Daddy.

Take notes, little man. One day you can build things for Mommy too.
{You can never have too many handy men around the house, am I right?}

I am super happy with how it came out and I can't wait to show it to you guys!
I just have a little painting left and then it will be ready!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 


  1. Can't wait to see how this turns out! And you little man is adorable...

  2. oh my goodness A....

    imagine all the memories you'll have of your two boys making this for you....!

    i don't think you'll be able to look at the table without the images of that gorgeous climbing little monkey coming to mind...

    looking great- waiting for the unvailing- i'm off to greece for a week tomor- bet i miss it- i'll check in when i'm back!

    have a lovely week...melissa xx


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