August 09, 2011

my very own farmhouse table

I've wanted a farmhouse table for a very long time. I've looked and looked at all my favorite thrift and antique stores and just never came across the right one. So a few months ago the husband announced that he would build me one this summer.

Well the week before summer started, I flipped my car in a ditch. The damage was pretty bad and it spent 6 weeks in the repair shop. Booo.
Since my car is the only car we have that can fit large pieces of lumber, we had to hold off on the table construction.

But my car is finally back and this weekend we picked up the wood for the table top!
So a lot of nailing and sawing and the like was going on in our garage on Sunday.

I am super excited, of course! The top is complete. Now we just need the apron and the legs and I have to paint it. The final reveal should be coming soon!

If you have a favorite shade of white paint, shout it out! I'm having a hard time deciding on what white to chose.

1 comment:

  1. Blimey- hope you were alright hon!!
    your table is coming- it may be a new venture for you both!!!

    we'll all want one i have no doubt!!

    melissa xx


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