August 02, 2011

a little pinterest love

Sorry for my very sporadic blogging this summer. I usually update the blog after I put the little man to bed in the evenings. But a few months ago the little man decided bedtime was for losers and he has been fighting it hardcore ever since. It takes me hours every night to get him to sleep. It's exhausting and frustrating and by the time he is finally asleep, I am ready for bed myself. Hence the neglected blog.
BUT....I've got a plan and it started tonight with a bang! He was asleep by 7:25 pm with no fuss. Keep your fingers crossed that it continues to work! :)

Ok, on to the fun stuff!
Are you familiar with pinterest? Do you pin? Are you completely obsessed like me? It might be my favorite website of all time! I am constantly finding the best home inspiration pictures. I was thinking it might be fun to share my current pinterest favorites every once in a while. So here are my most recent favs!

I am in love with this room. The white paneling on the walls and ceiling is TO. DIE. FOR.
And those views....definitely my dream house.

This little polka dot spoon makes me smile. I adore polka dots. Putty and white happen to be my favorite polka dot color combination. I wish I knew where this spoon was from. I *need* a few ;)

This door has simple lines, but the blue makes it stand out. I love the color, the style and the hardware.

How fun is this ruffle pillow? I think I can make my own which is good because it's no longer available through West Elm.

I sort of went a little crazy when I saw this blue tile. I've never seen tile like it before and I really really love it. The hubs thinks I'm nuts for gasping out loud over tile, but I sort of think this tile is gasp-out-loud-worthy. Don't you?

Polyvore is one website I haven't gotten in to, but I do love pinning some of their outfits. Gray is one of my favorite colors to wear and I love simple basics that can be mixed and matched and thrown together easily. And I love scarfs. And that bag. LOVE that bag. Too bad it costs more than my monthly mortgage payment. Oh and we can't forget the adorable ballet flats. Unlike, the bag they won't break the bank at $44. I might *need* them :)

How cute is this blue bed? Have you noticed I like blue yet? I really love metal bed frames, but I've never thought of a blue one. Wonder if the hubs would go for it? Probably not, but a girl can dream right?

I really love organizing. And I really love gift wrapping. So this is perfect for me. A place to organize all my gift wrapping! I will tell you a secret. I dream of having a house with a gift wrapping room or at least a large gift wrapping station. The husband laughs at me when I tell him this.

Are you tired of my blue obsession yet?
This is the last blue item, I promise. A blue, chippy door. LOVE! I love this whole set up actually.

OK, so that's all. I hope it was worth the wait!
And I hope tonight's bedtime success continues so I can update this little 'ol blog a bit more frequently.

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  1. Hi, I just found your lovely blog and I know where you can find the little polka dot spoon that makes you smile. It is from "GREEN GATE" and there are a lot of other designs available. Hope you will find it on the net.



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