November 07, 2011

miss sew & so

Have you met Melissa from Miss Sew and So?

I adore her!
I feel certain that once you meet her and her blog, you will adore her too! She is one of those people that is radiant with a beautiful energy and passion for life. I've never met her in person, but you can see and feel her beautiful personality from her blog.

She introduced me to these amazing french script stencils and Jamie magazine. I introduced her to The Help and Restoration Hardware.
We both love to sew and cook and be mamas. And most importantly we both have a love for all things french, vintage, coastal and farmhouse inspired. And so we have become fast friends and have officially dubbed ourselves "coastal farmgals."

And in the sweetest gesture, she sent me a beautiful package full of goodies all the way from her beautiful home in the English countryside. I was beyond excited as I have never received a package from Europe before!

There it is - the Royal Mail sticker in all it's glory.

Everything perfectly wrapped in brown paper and twine and garnished with doilies and hearts cut from book pages.

Here it is all unwrapped. Jamie magazine - my new cooking favorite! That sweet little heart ornament which I have hanging on the back of a french bistro chair in my dining room. Fun little cupcake flags made in Europe and even a little coin bank from London that she sent for my little man.

I heart you, Melissa. :)

Go check out Miss Sew & So. I promise you will love her!

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  1. i have tears running down my face-

    i sooo feel the same way my gorgeous *coastal farmgal* friend...

    i love what we have so far introduced to one another- plenty more years of this ahead of us lovely....

    melissa -Miss Sew & So

  2. It is amazing ! I am happy for both of you !
    Have a great week !

  3. What a fantastic
    Monday Moment,
    Alima! I have also
    been the lucky
    recipient of a Miss
    Sew and Sew package,
    last fall, when I won
    a custom banner in
    her giveaway : ) Of
    course, she added some
    other lovelies, too,
    and like you, my heart
    went pitter patter when
    I saw that Royal Mail
    stamp on the package!
    Looking forward to having
    a peek around. I must
    say, Costal Farmgirls rock!

    Happy Monday,
    xx Suzanne

  4. What a wonderful Monday moment! Love it and am green with envy!


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