April 06, 2011

Adventures in Slipcovering Part III - The Prototype

So....I have not revealed the fabric that I am using for my slipcover yet because I thought it would be a fun surprise. But I will say this - it was a custom order and it took quite a few calls and about a month to get a hold of it. Needless to say, if I mess it up (and the chances are high since this is my first slip) I would be really upset and it would not be easy to replace.

So, I spent $13 on a giant canvas drop cloth and went to town on a prototype to get some practice first! Here are pictures of the prototype progress.

I really can't continue this post without mentioning Marian from Miss Mustard Seed, for many reasons.
1) I don't think I would have been brave enough to start this project without her amazing slipcover "webinar" series she did (you can get it right on her website for free).
2) She gave me the awesome idea to try first with a cheapo canvas drop cloth.
3) I just think she is generally awesome. If you haven't checked out her blog then you are truly depriving yourself. Go check her out now! You won't regret it!

And just so you know I wasn't lying about my love for Miss Mustard Seed and her slip tutorial, here is a picture of my little set up. Chair in living room (so jealous of all of you with craft rooms), lap top with in viewing distance so I can watch above mentioned tutorials while I work.

Very beginning stages. All fabric is cut and the pinning is about to begin.

I skipped a lot of steps here because if I showed them all it would be a zillion pictures and my post would never compare to MMS's tutorial.

So instead I have skipped to this picture where I have sewn the top half of the slip - the back, the front, the arms and the sides. This is actually the first sewing project I have ever done that I actually enjoyed. I really did have fun with it.

Here is everything above plus I attached the seat to the rest.

And here is everything plus the front "apron" as she calls it. Don't mind that ugly floral pattern peeking through. That wasn't supposed to happen but I ran out of canvas drop cloth so that was as long as I could make it. My real slipcover will cover all of the floral - promise ;)

And here is it with the cushion pieces added on so you can see exactly which parts are going to show once the cushions are in place. I also didn't have enough canvas to cover the cushions, but I've done a lot of pillow sewing so I think I will be Ok on those without a prototype.

Overall I am really pleased with the finished prototype. It is not perfect by any means, but I am OK with that. And it's actually much better than I thought it would be so that is just icing on the cake!

What do you think? Are you excited to see what the real fabric will be? Have you ever used drop cloth for a slipcover before? Did you check out Miss Mustard Seed? Did you love her as much as I do??

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  1. Wow! Great work so far. The picture of your laptop with me on it made me laugh. I'm so glad those videos helped you out! :) Thanks for the link and awesome comments.

  2. You did an outstanding job. Also it is great that you had fun with it. Can't wait to see your "real" fabric. MMS's Mom

  3. Thanks ladies! It means so much to me that you would comment! ;)
    I'm in Florida right now visiting family, but I can't wait to get home and get started on the slipcover with my "real" fabric!


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